Crafting Journey, Threads of life: Indonesian Crafters You Should Follow

 Hello, so I’m starting a series of “Crafting Journey, Threads of Life” series! Crafting Journey means my crafting journey including inspirations and my own personal crafts. Threads of life means I will add a personal touch to my every post wether it’ll be my own personal opinion, my personal life experience and so on!

Irene Saputra aka Nengiren

Irene initially started her journey in art in the world of drawing before jumping in the crafting (hand embroidery) bandwagon. Even though she just started exploring further her hand embroidery, in which the designs are based on her drawing illustrations, she is a true example of you don’t need much in the world of crafting, just patience and consistency. Her stitches includes very basic embroidery stitches such as stem stitch, outline stitch, satin stitch and french knots. However, this does not limit how breathtaking the outcome can be with only few simple stitches. Look at an array of her work!nengiren

Instagram: @nengiren

Sarita Ibnoe

Owner of Petang Hari and Demure Project, she also starter her work in crafting as a secondary journey. She started art with paintings and drawings but then moved to crafting as a channel to express her creativity later and has been changing the game for Indonesian crafters ever since. She is extremely talented. For me, she wins in terms of perspective where I try to crack down each of her beautiful pieces and always get a different answer every time because her works have so many depths that it reaches to you in so many different tones every time you see it. Her craft works includes weaving tapestry mostly but she’s not stopping there. She’s recently hosted a workshop for latch hooking and I think she’ll keep innovating and that’s why she’s definitely one to watch!


Instagram: @saritaibnoe

Living Loving

The girls from Living Loving: Nike Prima and Miranti Andi Kasim started the blog Living Loving because they felt they had little references of Indonesian home interior and creativity inspiration blogs, they ended up making their own. I love this story and their work because that’s exactly how I felt. I am starting this blog because I felt the struggle of finding information, resources and information for my crafting interests such as weaving, hand embroidery and macrame. I wanted this blog to be not only resourceful but hopeful to all you Indonesian crafters out there who are dealing with the same problem as me. Living Loving Net has honestly became a benchmark for crafters all over the world and a huge influence here in Indonesia. With workshop and sessions as well as a side project of making & selling crafting tools they have helped many crafters fulfil their creative needs and inspired them to keep growing in craft.


Instagram: @livinglovingnet

If you wan’t to see my own personal crafting journey and the progresses, this includes weaving, hand emboridery, where I get supplies locally here in Indonesia (beli benang, etc.) you can check my other posts and follow me on my Instagram: @ancillaquena for daily updates!

Stay tuned for the next post in my new series “Crafting Journey, Threads of Life” next week!

Written by: Ancilla Quena Muljono


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