Crafting Journey, Threads of Life: Fluffy Clouds

Hai hello pembaca-pembaca!! Welcome back to my “crafting journey, threads of life” series.

Recently, I started a new weaving piece! I’ve been really busy with a lot of campus work but I AM MAKING TIME. I am making it my mission to make time, no matter how busy I get or no matter how little the progress may be, there should be progress and I will be documenting it right here so you all could seeeeeee yes!

So let’s get started on this series of “my crafting journey, threads of life “:

Jadi, a little back story about this piece: I travelled to Bali, Indonesia a few days ago. On my way back, I rode an aeroplane and I was flew alone, I had to fly back home earlier because of campus work. I am terrified of plane rides, despite knowing that the chances of death caused by aeroplane crashing is way less than death caused by road accidents I still find it extremely terrifying. And so, I tried everything to distract myself from the fact that I was on an aeroplane: I slept, listened to music, edit pictures and so on so forth… At the time of my flight it was reaching sunset and landing time. Turns out, a storm was coming to Jakarta and I was mid-air, amongst the stormy clouds. Let me tell you, it was one of the most heart-wrenching view I’ve ever seen. Never have I ever saw a cloud so dense, so thick and so big. Point is, it was so beautiful that I embarrassingly cried alone mid-air while watching the clouds. So very sentimental. 🙂 But that’s me heh.

SO ANYWAY, I based off this piece off of the very pretty clouds:IMG_6749


Ok! Now moving on to the piece, I used a small weaving loom. Sebenernya, aku dapatin weaving loom ini dari salah satu workshop yang aku join. Tapi, aku juga pernah sebelumnya membuat sendiri alias DIY weaving loom seperti Kayu / Bingkai atau bahkan kamu hanya membuthkan sepotong cardboard!

Step one: Aku akhirnya pake dasar benang putih and I wrapped it around the loom


Step two: I did 4 rows of normal plain weave and then added two rows of pile weave. This it the first time I ever did pile weave actually and I learned it from theweavingloom! I did it to create a fluffy texture to emulate the fluffy clouds!weave2

Step three: I then continued with the plain weave. I used dark grey and navy blue to emulate the shadows of the clouds and white as the fluff. I added a rya loop, a new technique I also learned from theweavingloom! This adds more dimension and I figured a combination of rya loops and pile weave all throughout the piece will imitate the fluffy texture of the clouds!

weaving 3

So this is what I have so far, I’ll see you next week for the progress of this piece! 🙂 Stay tuned to see the rest of my “crafting journey, threads of life” series!

In the meantime, you can follow me on my Instagram: @ancillaquena for my daily updates!

Written by: Ancilla Quena Muljono


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