If you haven’t heard, I’ll be hosting my very FIRST workshop ever.

To tell you the truth, i’ve been shatting myself for the last week preparing for this workshop, battling with my constantly negative thoughts and trying to grab enough courage to actually go through with it.

But, I am beyond excited to finally tick that out of my bucket list:

Share knowledge to my fellow crafters and create a community of craft lovers  (checkbox)

I first learned hand sewing back in 4th grade from a CCA preparing me to be a housewife (to think about it, how sexist was that CCA..). In one of the projects, I was asked to make a doll. Everyone else made a simple doll but I had to take it up a notch. I forced my nanny, mba mi, to come with me to the craft store. We bought some beads, strings and some scrap fabric and with a needle on my hand  + the simple knowledge of a straight stitch I pushed through and made it work. That was the first piece I’ve ever made. Sadly, I never took pictures of it but if i can sketch how that looked like, it probably looks like this:


My love for crafting grew quite steadily but it was as slow as a tortoise. I was carrying so much burden on my back: high school crazy years, the pressure of growing up, family and personal issues. I just forgot to invest time on it.

That changed when I got to university. I met a person who was firing with passion, you could see his light from a mile away. This person inspired me to take a journey to rediscover my love for craft and fibres. With every little step and fall this person was there to cheer on. As time went on, turns out I learned and met so many other people who later went on to inspire me too.  And with this workshop, I feel like I have come to a point where I can stand tall by myself, feel proud of what I’ve done, and hopefully make an impact to the people around me. Inspire the way I was inspired.


That’s why this workshop is important to me. That’s why it’s not about the money (even though it will be nice to at least not go for a loss hehe). It’s about creating a safe haven for your creative minds to run free for a day, get inspired and make something you’d be proud of.

If all goes well, I hope this isn’t the end. I still have so much to share, so much to learn too. I want to share my knowledge on weaving, latch-hooking, macrame, sewing and so much more! Pray for me so that maybe in the future I’ll get there someday 🙂

So, whoever’s reading this, I hope you can be a part of this experience with me! I can’t wait to see you!

And if it so happens you can’t be, I hope at least by reading this blogpost you will find courage to pursue your passion and not be afraid of the uncertainties 🙂

To sign up just contact me through Whatsapp: +62817586255 or Line: ancillaquena. The price is 300/person or 285/person if you bundle up with a friend!


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