About Ancilla Quena & Threads of Life

Hello Yellow! My name is Ancilla Quena Muljono, Cilla in short. I am 19 years old and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am currently in university taking marketing major but I believe my passion lies elsewhere.

Now, a little prologue about me and crafting. I’ve started embroidering and weaving since late 2015. It’s almost 2 years since I started and I have completely fallen and is utterly in love with it.

I am not a qualified crafter with impeccable skills, I am very much still learning and taking baby steps with this whole crafting thing. But that’s the beauty of crafting isn’t it? It takes patience and perseverance yes, but it has no boundaries. It is an ongoing process that keeps developing but while you’re at it, you can create whatever your heart desires, your imagination is the only thing that limits it! No matter how skilled you are or if you’re just starting out, you can always make something out of your crafts.

Starting this blog terrified me and at the same time gave me so much excitement.

in a way, this blog will push my creative boundaries. I want to document my journey here because I want to share not only the process & successes but also the hardship, the struggle and the frustration when it comes to crafting, especially here in Indonesia where I personally feel the world of craft is still very much underrated. I want to share to you tips & tricks, skills, inspiration content and where to get crafting sources here in Indonesia (more focused on here in the Jakarta area). A wise woman once said:

“There should be no secrets in crafting” – Elsie Goodwin

Hopefully, by sharing this I can help a fellow crafter and strengthen the crafting community here in Indonesia 🙂

I’ll be covering hand embroidery (sulam tangan), weaving (tenun), hand sewing (menjahit tangan) and hopefully starting my macrame journey and maybe other areas too!

I’ll also be starting a new series called “Crafting Journey, Threads of Life” where:

  • Crafting Journey: my own personal crafts and crafts inspiration (mostly based here in Indonesia)
  • Threads of Life: my own personal experiences, thoughts and opinions so yes maybe a little tmi  hehe

Wish me luck and I hope you can get something out of boncilcol too!

Love, Ancilla Quena Muljono.

Threads of Life